Fragment Art & Research was a consulting company merging two areas of expertise: information architecture and software design & engineering with focus on object-oriented systems.


December 2004: Patricia Starts Sabbatical

After driving cross-country, back to the East coast, Patricia starts a sabbatical filled with classes, personal and volunteer projects.


October 2004: Axel Joins Blue Mountain Capital

Axel joins Blue Mountain Capital in New York City.


January 2001: Axel and Patricia Join Microsoft.
Fragment Art & Research Dissolved

Axel and Patricia both accept positions at Microsoft and move to the Seattle area.


July 1999:
Axel Kramer Co-Chair of Technical Committee for FpML

Axel co-chairs the technical committee for FpML (Financial Products Markup Language), an XML-based language for Internet-based electronic dealing and information sharing of financial derivatives, initially handling interest rate and foreign exchange products.
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