1999. Participation in the Financial products Markup Language (FpMLT) effort. FpML is an XML based language for Internet-based electronic dealing and information sharing of financial derivatives.
Co-initiator, design and implementation of initial prototypes, sell to internal management, collaboration on initial working draft, presentations to and discussions with initial reviewers, public presentations to technical committee in London and New York, Co-Chair of technical committee from spring to fall 1999.
For further information please go to fpml.org!

1998/1999. Ongoing development of an XML-based web site for the SIC company group (international SAP consulting company).
In German and English.
Web-techniques used: frames, style-sheets, JavaScript, SQL-database connection (for consultants' biographies), XML.
Conceptual design of the web-presentation, project management, design of the HTML templates.
Other team-members: Graphics & typography by Ulrich Dirr.
Test Case Generator in XML
1998. Global Finance Firm.
Test cases for a finance application are described declaratively with XML. A test case generator, written in Java, processes the descriptions, generates the permutations of actual test objects, runs the tests, and outputs the results to a file.
Idea, design, implementation, writing of test descriptions, running tests and evaluating test results.
Prototypical Weblications for Global Finance Firm
Concept and demos for using web technologies to deploy fixed income derivative applications.
Web-techniques used: Java, XML, JavaScript, ActiveX components, HTML, frames, server-side Java.
Initial idea, design and implementation, collaboration with others on XML standards.
Java Multi-Media Framework
1996-1997. A client-based media framework, written in Java, for delivering feature rich interactive multi-media over the Internet.
The software was later acquired by Corel. Web-techniques used: Java, XML-like presentation and scripting language, HTML, HTTP, EPS.
Designed and implemented "way-before-use" media delivery framework, developed HTTP server which could emulate various connection speeds in local ethernet environment, implemented minimal EPS display facility in Java, collaborated on design of XML based presentation and scripting language.
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Patricia Hallstein & Axel Kramer